Aishwarya Rai Bachchan likes to dance in the rain


MUMBAI: With beauty and brains, comes grace… and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan certainly knows how to use all three, with best results. Extending that magic from real life onto celluloid, is Mani Ratnam. Director of Ash’s latest film, Raavan, Ratnam has ensured, that the graceful Ash epitomizes it to the fullest.


Ash confirmed to, "Mani always ensures that I have a dance sequence in each of his films. And he has something about the rain too. If in Guru, he made my entry with a dance number in pouring rain, he has done the same in Raavan too."


In Raavan, the director has Ash playing a dance teacher and so there is not just one dance number but various instances, where Ash breaks into dancing. One can see Ash dancing in the rain, and in a very elaborately choreographed sequence, there are portions where Ash, whilst doing her household chores, does the routine task, with a dancing rhythm. South star Vikram, who plays husband to Ash, said, "After all the rigorous shooting schedules that was part of Ash’s routine, she heaved a sigh of relief when it came to dancing. It was like a break for her. She is a trained dancer and used to give one take shots. And even though the dance required a lot of synchronization, Ash was completely at ease."


At the music release function of Raavan, Abhishek Bachchan performed to a song from the film, Thok De Killi. Ash was certainly not amused at being left out. The sporting actress good naturedly remarked, "If they would have told me to dance, I would have happily done it. But Mani preferred Abhi."