Ajay Devgan does cameo in Bachchan starrer-Teen Patti


Mumbai: Actor Ajay Devgan recently shot for a cameo in the Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Teen Patti, which is being directed by Leena Yadav. Devgan shot in Mumbai’s Flora Fountain area in Fort earlier this week for his sequence.

Bachchan is currently shooting for the film in Mumbai too. A high end party sequence is being shot in Fort’s Kitab Mahal.
Talking about Devgan’s guest appearance in on his blog, Bachchan writes, "The crowds below are swelling. The police has been informed to bring order. It’s a hundred meter walk from the ground door to the van. It’s a gauntlet. The masses explode and cheer and applaud. I feel elated and swell my chest. Hey! At 67, not bad to still demand such recognition. It’s then that I notice another fancy vanity van. It’s Ajay Devgan’s. Yes of course. He is playing a days’ guest appearance today. Damn !! And I thought the crowds were for me. Sad. But happy for Ajay."

Bachchan further writes on his blog about the scene being shot, "Elegant looking guests, ladies in modern couture, gents in tuxedo, yours truly in tux and silk scarf and wig. No ventilation. All doors and windows shut and covered in black cloth to prevent light from coming in because…. it’s a night scene. In keeping with the authenticity that the director wanted a great many genuine high end social celebrities invited on set to play small walk on talk on parts. They, may god bless their enthusiasm, came fully prepared with dialogue and brief on character, not aware that there are retakes, for lighting and focus and camera and sound deficiencies at often times, causing them to repeat lines and stay in mood for several hours, despite their now dripping with sweat countenance!!"