Ajay Devgan’s U, Me Aur Hum cruises along with brands

MUMBAI: Ajay Devgan’s U Me Aur Hum has grown into a Kajol, Ajay Devgan and brands story. The film is going all out for branded marketing, whether it is in-film marketing or promotions of the stars’ endorsements.

To start with, Devgan has hopped onto Alpenlibe, a product that was originally only endorsed by Kajol. At the same time, brands like Whirlpool and Sangini — endorsed by both Kajol and Devgan — have stepped forward to leverage their association with the star couple. Anchor Toothpaste, which Kajol endorses, is also reaping the benefits in terms of associations by lining up new ads aligned with the film.

"The TVC spends from Alpenlibe, Whirlpool, Sangini and Anchor amount to approximately Rs 5 crores and the sum of entire marketing activity from branded associations is close to Rs 8 crores," says Carving Dreams director Afsar Zaidi, who is Kajol and Ajay Devgan’s celebrity manager.

Kajol has been seen in many ads lately but when it comes to films, U Me Aur Hum is the actor’s release after two years post Fanaa in 2006. Hence four out of six brands endorsed by Kajol saw this as a viable opportunity and timing for an association. Only telecom brand Tata Indicom and jewellery brand Asmi gave this association a miss.

"Since Asmi is endorsed by only Kajol and Sangini is endorsed by both Kajol and Ajay, it made better sense to rope in Sangini for branded associations with the movie," adds Zaidi.

Apart from these FMCG, home appliance and jewellery brands, Star Cruise has a strategic placement in the film because major portions of the film have been shot on a cruise.

With U Me Aur Hum Whirlpool and Star Cruise have even come together for cross branded alliances wherein winners of Whirlpool’s contest will win getaways to Star Cruise.

It’s U, Me Aur Brands all the way for Devgan’s directorial debut.

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