Aksh Optifibre’s icontrol IPTV introduces Time Shift feature


MUMBAI: Aksh Optifibre’s icontrol IPTV has launched the Time Shift feature on pay channels including Sony, Sab, and Discovery along with free to air channels.

icontrol is the first IPTV provider in India to introduce the Time Shift functionality. This feature empowers viewers to better plan their viewing experience by giving the freedom to rewind, pause or forward already televised programmes. The future of television, icontrol allows viewers to rewind programmes of last three days. Unlike other DTH providers a subscriber need not record manually to view it again, in icontrol the time shift is controlled from the backend server, freeing the subscriber from any hassles of recording – providing ease of use to the subscriber.

Aksh Optifibre DGM Namrata Sengupta said, "Living to our commitment of providing world class entertainment experience at cost effective prices, we have now introduced Time Shift feature. We want to give best and no appointment viewing experience to our subscribers and such facilities actually proves our icontrol IPTV service to be the Best in the industry with actual control."

icontrol’s Time Shift feature is not limited by recording memory restrictions as is the case with DTH set-top boxes and does not require the viewer to programme the set-top box to record one’s favourite shows.

Aksh Optifibre icontrol IPTV also has various other features like icontrol mall (shopping platform), Video on demand (instant movie from the vast movie gallery), A-Tube (pull advertising), Games, parental control, etc. icontrol is a television connection based on advanced MPEG 4- 10 technology allowing viewers to control television programs at their convenience with more than 125 channels.