Akshay Kumar awarded Honorary Doctorate of Law

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Law degree by the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada for his contribution to the Indian film industry and social work. The ceremony took place on 9 May at the University Chapel, followed by a Reception at the Freed-Orman Conference Centre.

On being presented with the Doctorate, Kumar commented, "Wow! This really is one of the most nerve-racking days of my life. My hands are shaking. I don’t think even an Oscar would mean as much as this means to me. Indians believe that our success lies at the feet of our parents. It’s not I who should be receiving this award, but my parents."

Apart from the international Box Office success he has been garnering, Kumar has been actively involved in social and charitable work. Including his role as Worldwide Ambassador for the Paralympics, an HIV/AIDS activist; he is additionally the Global Ambassador for Population Solutions International (PSI) with the likes of Hollywood actress Ashley Judd giving him company.

During the ceremony, University Reverend president and vice chancellor Paul J Rennick said, "We take particular pride and pleasure in honoring men and women of achievement and altruism, whose lives manifest the values of integrity, discipline and learning that are at the heart of the University".

More recently Kumar also joined the United Nations in their efforts to raise awareness about global human trafficking, and has helped raise funds for the Trillium Health Care Centre in Mississauga and the Vancouver Children’s Hospital.

He now joins the exalted community of Bollywood stars who have been honored with such felicitations, the likes of whom include Shilpa Shetty and Amitabh Bachchan.