Akshay Kumar donates £250,000 to support Ice Hockey in India

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar is known for his association with sports from martial arts to Parkour and now ice hockey. After supporting the Annual Karate Tournament this year, Akshay Kumar has donated over £250,000 to the Ice Hockey Association in India to encourage greater participation and awareness in the sport.
Ice hockey is the backdrop for his production Speedy Singhs, the cross-cultural Indo-Canadian film starring Rob Lowe, Russell Peters, Camilla Belle and Vinay Virmani, releasing in the UK on 30 September, 2011.

During the filming, Kumar became interested in the sport and realised that very few people knew or participated in ice hockey in India. He decided to motivate and promote the sport in India and he hopes that his contribution will encourage people to participate in ice hockey, support the talents already in the field and further popularise it in India.