Akshay Kumar presented with Olympic Torch by Canadian PM


MUMBAI: Actor Akshay Kumar received the sacred Olympic Torch from Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper at an event held at The Triden Hotel ,Mumbai. At the event Kumar was presented to the media as the Indian Ambassador for the 2010 Olympic Games and the only star representing the Global Entertainment Industry.

Kumar was introduced as the sole torch bearer from India for the 2010 Olympics.

Confirms a source from the Olympic Committee, "50 CEOs of Prominent Tourism Companies were present for the high power exclusive luncheon where the Canadian PM introduced Akshay Kumar as the sole torch bearer from India for the Olympics. The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) brought the Olympic Torch to the luncheon."

Adds the source “Anything remotely related to sports in India is reminiscent of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar, he has taken Asia by storm and has universal appeal."

An exception was made for the first time as the Olympic Torch was presented to Kumar in his country of residence. Adds the source, "Steven Harper- the Canadian sitting head of state has travelled all the way to India to invite Akshay Kumar to be ambassador for the 2010 Olympic Games. This is a very huge honor for Akshay Kumar and rightly deserved."

Kumar is a martial arts expert and practitioner, he was recently bestowed with the highest Japanese honor of the katana, he shot for the 7 Deadly Arts for National Geographic Channel and his recent 1st invitational Open Karate Championship was a huge success .The list of Kumar’s contribution to Indian sports is endless.

Apart from this Kumar is also the brand ambassador for Special Olympics in India.

Only 15 International celebrities have been invited to Canada to participate in carrying the Olympic Torch, Ontario has been identified as a province to have only one global celebrity represent the world and that celebrity is Kumar.

Kumar presented Canadian PM Steven Harper with a token of appreciation and spoke on the occasion of being the sole torch bearer from India for the Olympics.