Akshay Kumar starrer Tees Maar Khan’s pirated DVDs seized by AACT

MUMBAI: The pirated DVDs of the recently released Akshay Kumar starrer Tees Maar Khan’s pirated DVDs have been seized by Alliance Against Copyright Theft (AACT).

AACT raided a manufacturing unit at Govandi where they have seized 16,103 pirated DVDS, 1, 06,100 inlay cards, 95 DVD writers, 1 DVD player and 1 colored TV worth Rs. 13, 00,000. Pirates were caught red handed while making pirated DVDs of Farah Khan and UTV Motion Pictures’ Tees Maar Khan (TMK).

The raid was conducted by the AACT enforcement consultant from UCPA along with Social Service Branch (SS Branch) on Christmas night. Police has arrested 2 accused Radheshyam Yadav and Akbar Ali during the raid. Both of them have been booked under Copyright ACT 1957 and have taken into police custody.

UTV Motion Pictures VP Prakash Nathan says, "UTV is always committed to curb piracy. We have been working really hard to ensure that pirated DVDs of Tees Maar Khan are not available in the market and yesterday’s raid is a big success for the whole team. We are working closely with the police authorities to intercept attempts to copy or distribute pirated versions of the movie and will continue putting pressure on the pirates till the release and post release as well.”

Khan says, “Our movie has done really well on its opening day across markets. Piracy negates all the hard work that goes into creating a movie. I am glad that our team has been able to keep up the pressure on movie pirates by conducting continuous raids. Over the last month we have been appealing to the audiences to refrain from buying pirated copies of the movie. We seek support from the public and request them to call on the toll free no. 1800-103-1919 to report piracy."

On 23 December, 2010, AACT also conducted a raid at Chembur, Mumbai. The team has seized goods worth Rs. 4, 00,000, which includes approximately 16,000 inlay cards of Tess Maar Khan and 3000-4000 DVDs of other movies. Internal reports state that the consignment had come from Rajasthan.