Akshay Kumar’s Action Replayy look inspired by Sunil Dutt


MUMBAI: Actor Akshay Kumar’s retro look in his upcoming film Action Replayy, is inspired by the late actor Sunil Dutt.

Kumar says, “My look is particularly inspired from Sunil Duttji’s look in Zakhmee.He sported the long-haired look in the film which released in 1975.”

“Big bottoms, long collars, polka dots, vibrant colors – the 70s was so lively,” adds Kumar.

Kumar also says that he enjoyed donning the retro look even though he had to spend a lot of time wearing the wig every day during shoot and that too during peak summers when the temperature shot to 48-50’C. “I had to spend around one and a half hours every day to get into the wig before shoot,” he says.

Director Vipul Shah adds, “It was a task for Akshay to get into heavy wigs and not let the sweat show onscreen. It was really difficult for all of us to create a happy looking film when people around were fainting.”

The movie stars Akshay with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and is slated to release on 5 November, 2010.