Akshay Laxman – The Rare Combo Of Magician And Mentalist

akshay laxman

For Akshay Laxman, getting into the stardom was not easy. Hailing from New Bombay, he started at five when got attracted reading a book on tricks and magic. Since then it was no stopping for this child as he read a lot of books, checked several movies and explored the subject at length to finally choose Psychology in his graduation to club his passion and studies together. He was 21 when he was able to create a link between his subject Psychology and miracle values of Magic to develop a strong and interesting blend to present before the world. This gave him the opportunity to be the part of a US-based Cruise Line known as Carnival Cruise where he performed more than 150 shows.

However, with barely one year of his work, he returned to Mumbai to try his luck in Bollywood. Then his struggle started reaching Filmcity every other day to catch the auditions. It took two long years to get his first break when he got selected for a reality show called India’s Got Talent where he got the opportunity to present his talent before Bollywood bigwigs like Karan Johar. They all gave him standing ovations for his incredible shows. However, he was unlucky enough not to see his shows getting aired at the prime channel. But his dismay soon came to an end when he got a call from Aamir Khan’s manager who wanted to give him the chance to show his talent at an event in Panchgani.

It was Karan Johar who recommended him and thus his efforts were paid back that soon got him the tickets to reach other actors of B Town. He worked with Sidharth Malhotra and Shraddha Kapoor along with others. It was no looking back for this young man and now its been 15 long years to see him perform before the people as a Mentalist. He has given shows before many Bigwigs of Bollywood and Corporate and Political giants. These include Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir Kapoor, Rajkumar Hirani, Neeta Ambani, and CM D Fandvanis.

He has traveled most of the continents including US, Europe, UK, Middle East, West Asia and countries like Thailand, Bhutan and Sri Lanka to name a few. He was awarded several awards like the Honorary Award by Rotary Club. Despite all odds like facing the loss of his father with a heart attack and getting the responsibility on his tender shoulder at 19, he had to face a lot to earn this respect and honor that he enjoys now. Life has been a U-Turn for him now as he travels in a business class and stays in 5 and 7 stars hotel and carries out his shows before corporate giants and other high profile circles.

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