Akshaye finds kindred soul in Anil Kapoor

MUMBAI: Nikhil Advani apparently owes Anil Kapoor’s presence in his latest film Salaam-E-Ishq to Akshaye Khanna.

While Advani was narrating the script to Khanna, he reportedly mentioned that he would love to also cast someone like Anil Kapoor, who would handle the role with maturity, in another track in the film.

“I quickly called up Anil and told him that he had to do the role. Anil is such a bundle of positive energy, that I often look up to him for guidance. At any given time, if I have a problem, I just pick up the phone or drive down to meet him,” says Khanna.

Adds Kapoor, “Yes, Akshaye called me and even I liked the role after I sat through the narration.” The actor also adds that Khanna is poised to impress audiences with his performance in Kapoor’s home production, Gandhi My Father.”

Khanna will be seen this year in Salaam-E-Ishq, Anil Kapoor’s Gandhi My Father, as well as two films being made by Abbas-Mastan.

Johnny Vaz

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