Ali Zafar and Shahid Kapoor to play brothers

Shahid Kapoor & Ali Zafar
MUMBAI: It’s final. Ali Zafar will play Shahid Kapoor’s Bade Bhai (elder brother) in the much talked-about Hindi remake of last year’s Tamil blockbuster Vettai.

Madhavan who played the Bade Bhai’s part in the original is out of the Hindi remake of Vettai.

Speaking ruefully from Chennai director N. Linguswamy who helms both the Tamil and Hindi remake of Vettai says, “Madhavan is out  of the country for three months (getting his knees treated). We can’t wait. Shahid Kapoor has been finalized to play the younger brother.We’re going ahead with Ali Zafar for the other hero’s role.”

Interestingly there was a 10-year age-gap between screen brothers Madhavan and Arya in Vettai. Ali Zafar who will play Shahid’s elder brother in the remake is hardly a year older than Shahid.

When we made inquiries about how this skimpy age-difference would be covered in the remake  a source close to the project informed, “Ali may be just a year older. But he played Imran Khan’s elder brother in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Maddy (Madhavan) suggested Lingu (Swamy) take a look at Ali and Imran’s bhai-bhai act. That’s how Ali came into the picture.”

Ali who is now wrapping up another remake, that of Chashme Buddoor,for David Dhawan would be meeting his screen brother shortly.

As for the leading ladies Linguswamy bursts the Bollywood bubble by saying he has so far not finalized any actress.

What about reports that Asin has turned down the Hindi remake of Vettai?

“We haven’t even approached her,” informed Linguswamy tersely.