AMD brings Cinema 2.0 in India via teraFlops graphic cards


    Mumbai: AMD demonstrated the Cinema 2.0 experience in India through its teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second) graphics cards – the ATI Radeon HD 4850 and HD 4870.

    AMD teraFLOPS chip is more powerful than every generation of game console ever brought to market, the company claims. It will allow content developers to create interactive experiences for the worldwide audience. The demo shows the fusion of real-time interactivity with convincing cinematic digital effects that deliver environments rivaling the realism of video.

    AMD India managing director Dasaradha Gude said, "You are passive when you watch films. The game industry is interactive. But there are also limitations in video games. They don’t perfectly match the visual impact of cinema. In each genre, the content directors want to take the experience to that next level, but until today, they just didn’t have the technology. The Holy Grail of Cinema 2.0 is taking the visual fidelity of films and pairing it with the interactivity of games, blurring the line between the two."

    AMD chief technology officer (graphics processing group) Raja Koduri said, "With Cinema 2.0 you won’t just watch movies, you’ll play in them. Imagine the ability to look around the environment in a sci-fi movie, put yourself in the driver’s seat in a race scene, duck behind things and pop up to see what’s going on in an intense gun fight – all of these things are possible with Cinema 2.0."

    The Cinema 2.0 blends highly complex and realistic graphics that traditionally are the exclusive domain of blockbuster films, with the dynamic 3D interactivity of popular video games.

    Now, AMD plans to combine the advancements in processing technology with the artistic passion of top Bollywood movie directors, visual effects companies and game developers across India.