AMD, FxLabs partner for Bollywood games


    MUMBAI: Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) and FXLabsStudios have inked a technology alliance to foster game development in India. The association makes FXLabs the first Indian game development company to join forces with AMD to deliver a gaming experience.

    As a part of the alliance, FXLabs will deploy the latest ATI FirePro series of workstation graphics technology for the development of upcoming games, provide a test base consisting of AMD Radeon series of consumer graphics processors and in addition, provide the technology expertise of its graphics engineers.

    In June 2008, AMD demonstrated an ultra-realism and interactive visual computing through the processing power of its teraflops graphics chip. The demonstration of what AMD termed, “Bollywood 2.0experience”, eradicates the sensory barrier that separates today’s visionary content creators and the interactive experiences they desire to create for audiences around the world. The Bollywood 2.0 demo showed the fusion of dynamicreal-time interactivity with convincing cinematic digital effects that appear to be real places and things captured on video.

    This AMD advancement in processing technology can now begin combining with the artistic passion of top movie directors, visual effects companies and game developers worldwide to open the door for unprecedentedly engaging entertainment experiences.

    AMD India sales and marketing vice president Ramkumar Subramanian said, "Gaming consumers in India have begun to demand content that is near life-like and flawless. AMD is in the right position to provide the technology that drives this content with its platform combination of processor and graphics. In addition, through our technology alliance with FXLabs we expect to break the next frontier in gaming."

    FXLabs founder and CEO Sashi Reddi said, "Gaming in India has matured significantly over time and is driven by the demand for quality content with regional flavour. We are very happy to collaborate with AMD for their professional graphics series. I am confident that our developers can now scale their projects to superior quality levels.”

    AMD senior director Professional Graphics Janet Matsuda said, "Graphics content developers demand superior performance and speed that does not hinder their creativity. AMD’s ATI FirePro series of graphics technology enables developers to create and innovate rather than having to wait for their computers to catch up. This provides The Ultimate Visual Experience to consumers."