Amitabh Bachchan to send legal notice to Bharti Airtel


    MUMBAI: A recent plan launched by Airtel, which promises its users an opportunity to talk to Amitabh Bachchan, has landed them in trouble. Bachchan is sending a legal notice to Bharti Airtel alleging that the company violated copyrights in using his photo and voice without authorisation.

    In his blog, Bachchan writes," For their blatant misuse of my face and the announcement of a facility that they had advertised on television. And another shall be going to our managers of the Vog and Bachchan Bol, for not seeking our permission before putting out on national TV, whether or not I was going to be involved in their facility with Airtel."

    According to Bachchan, he’s been spending time with one legal luminary or the other, discussing and planning and understanding the law as far as copyrights are concerned. Besides Airtel, Vog and Bachchan Bol a notice has also been sent to Lakshmi Foods for using the KBC set up and Bachchan’s voice imitation to sell its basmati brand of rice.

    Bachchan says, “Sony has sent legal notice to the basmati add., and Lakshmi Foods that were blatantly using the KBC set up and my voice imitation to sell their product.”

    "For an unpardonable infringement from such a large conglomerate I do hope that the legal notice shall serve as a lesson for my colleagues and fraternity that our rights and privileges cannot be misused in such a blatant manner. I also do hope that the law of the land shall observe with some gravity, these misdemeanors and give us the protection and justice that such occurrences deserve," he added in his blog.