AMPTPP refuses to help Pakistani actress Meera

In a letter addressed to Pakistani actress Meera’s spokesperson and publicist Dale Bhagwagar, the Association of Motion Pictures and Television Programme Producers (AMPTPP) declined to investigate the case in regard to the news about the Indo-American film Rockin Meera containing sequences from the real life of the actress. “We regret our inability to be on any service to you in this regard, as we are really not aware of any true-life incidents from the life and times of actress Meera,” the Association said.

Dismissing it as a personal matter which should be sorted out between the makers of the film and the actress, the Association washed its hands off the issue, without seeking an answer from the film’s makers. “All I am asking is, to ascertain, if the reports about the film containing incidents from my life are true or not,” said a hassled Meera from Karachi. “I don’t know why it is so tough to get help even after filing a written complaint,” she added.

In its reply to Meera’s complaint, the Association has stated, “It would be ideal for the actress herself, to have a meeting with director Param Gill and producer Lavanya Gill and either get the script narrated, or hold a screening of the film, to have a clear view on the subject matter and thereby give her consent for the same.” Failing to get a desired response from the AMPTPP, well-wishers of the actress have advised her to approach the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association (IMPPA) to get justice. IMPPA gains prominence, also being is a member of the Federation of Motion Picture Producers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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