An actor works to realize the director’s vision: Paresh Rawal


Goa: Acknowledging the give and take between director and actor, veteran actor Paresh Rawal said that ultimately it is the director’s vision for the realization of which the entire cast works. "I try to make my character believable, I want my audience to identify with the characters I play, for this I draw inspiration from the society," said Rawal at the press conference of his new film Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, which was premiered at IFFI-Goa.

Also present were co-actor Abhay Deol and director Dibaker Banerjee.

Banerjee said that he would like the film to be seen as a funny film that hides something dark and relevant. On comparison with his earlier movie Khosla Ka Ghosla, Banerjee insisted that he had no extra restrictions or superfluous luxuries while making a film for a corporate house.

Banerjee revealed that his cinematic sensibilities were influenced by directors like Shyam Benegal, Ketan Mehta, Gobind Nihlani, Sudhir Mishra and Vishal Bhardwaj and in this regard he found his early experiences with Doordarshan very useful.

He added that Doordarshan exposed him to quality films from the national and international canvas. The director acknowledged a strong influence of Delhi in his films. "The sounds and experiences of Delhi shaped me, intimacy of this experience gave me the capability to grasp the nuances of what I want to portray what I want to present, but gradually I am developing a degree of intimacy with Mumbai also where I shifted four years ago," he said.

Talking about his role Deol added that it was important that he relates to the script in order to accept the role. "I look for ‘relatability’ along with inherent sense of humour and relevance in a role in order to accept it," he said.

He added that for him the scenes with Paresh Rawal were the most memorable in Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye.

Banerjee also praised Deol’s focus and intensity between ‘action’ and ‘cut’. Banerjee also said that with Rawal he found that mostly the first or second take were the best scenes as they came out of the gut feeling. "With experienced actors sometime it is advisable to shut up and shift to the background and allow them to do their job," he said.