An overcrowded and dismal week

MUMBAI: Two weeks prior to Diwali there was a scramble among filmmakers to release their film last Friday (6 October).


As many as seven Hindi films, two dubbed films and a non-Hindi film hit the cinema screens last week.


B.A.G. Films Ltd. and director Tanuja Chandra’s Zindaggi Rocks is not rocking at the box-office. The concept of a lady rock star is an unconvincing phenomenon in our country. Nevertheless, the film managed to stay above all other box-office receipts. The multiplex cinemas in Bombay managed to register 35 to 40 per cent collections. The single screen managed to score around 10 to 15 per cent collections. In Minerva, against the capacity of Rs 151,872 in three shows, the collections were around Rs 19,000 (13 per cent) on the first day of release. While in Cinemax, the film managed to just go a little above 40 per cent by collecting around Rs 20,000 in three shows against the capacity of Rs 45,000.


The next in tow is Shotgun Movies’ Mera Dil Leke Dekho. The script is unconvincing at places and has been released with minimal promotions. Further with not much face value and the music not being anything to rave about; the film will have a tough time at the box-office. The film was released in major territories and mostly only in multiplex cinemas and registered 25 to 35 per cent collection all over in the opening day.


J-71 Entertainment’s Iqraar – By Chance too was a non-starter at the box-office. Director K Ravi Shankar shows his competence, but somewhere down the line he looses his grip. Both new comers Amarjeet and Shilpa Anand do have potential. In Bombay, the film had a 20-odd per cent opening.


Metropolis Multimedia’s Gafla – a film on stock market finally released. However, the film lacks in entertainment value and is mostly a multiplex film.< Page Break >


Ikon Pictures’ Boot Unkle is a film aimed at the kids. The film seems to be made on a shoestring budget. Jackie Shroff’s entry after the first half and the performances of the kids are the saving grace. The collections are discouraging. In Cinemax, the film collected Rs 850 in one show against the capacity of Rs 13,500 (four per cent). The scene in single screen theatres is not any better.


Tess Mirza Films Pvt. Ltd., the regular filmmakers are back after a brief hiatus. Jaana – Let’s Fall In Love is an attempt to promote the in-house actor Rehan Khan. The film has picturesque locales of Nainital but director Shahrukh Farhan fails to deliver the goods. The film opened to poor response and shows no sign of improvement too.


Dhianu Das’ Das Music has ventured into their maiden film venture in association with Koffee Break. The film Hota Hai Dil Pyaar Mein Paagal was released hurriedly. What’s more, the music of the film was also released three days before the film’s release. The film looks like an experiment and the managing director Dhianu Das is expecting the film to catch up simultaneously with the sales of the music. With a limited number of prints released, the film was a non-starter.


Two dubbed films Chumban – The Kiss and Badalta Jism was released for the frontbenchers.


Award winning Marathi film Tighi was also released. However, the film’s appeal is limited to a certain section of the society.


Last week saw the release of mythological films like Jai Santoshi Maa, animated film Krishna, Radha Ne Japi Mala Shyam Ki and dubbed film Tirupati Shri Balaji. Surprisingly, all these mythological films were non-starters at the box-office. < Page Break >


Jai Santoshi Maa – first week collected 20 per cent in Bombay from 17 cinemas (around Rs 400,000). Delhi registered around 10 per cent from five cinemas (Rs 270,000). Meerut collected Rs 2,000 from one cinema (three days). Kanpur collected Rs 10,000 from one cinema. The film ran for a week in Rajasthan. Hyderabad collected Rs 62,000 from one print (20 per cent). Chennai collected Rs 52,650 from one cinema.


Krishna collected Rs 1,665,000 from 24 cinemas. Delhi registered 16 per cent from 10 cinemas (Rs 462,000); Kanpur Rs 61,000 from one print (23 per cent); Nagpur Rs 28,301 from one print (18 per cent). The film ran for a week in Rajasthan.


Mahesh Bhatt’s semi-autobiographical film Woh Lamhe lost its audience share after the first week. Overall the film has registered poor collections. In its first week, Bombay collected 26 per cent from 34 cinemas (Rs 6,552,100). Thane Rs 140,200 from 15 cinemas. Delhi collected 21 per cent from 20 cinemas (Rs 52 lakhs); Kanpur Rs 465,056 from three cinemas (24 per cent); Lucknow Rs 813,000 (30 per cent) from three cinemas; Nagpur Rs 224,000 from two cinemas (35 per cent); Amravati Rs 178,200 (15 per cent); Bikaner Rs 67,100 from one print; Hyderabad Rs 1,301,765 from six cinemas and Chennai Rs 178,341 from one cinema.


Dubbed film Saanp Machaye Dhoom entered its second week in Bombay with one print. Another dubbed film Aaj Ka Gundaraaj ran for a week in Bombay and it collected Rs 262,000 from four cinemas. Dharma ran for a week in Bombay in one cinema and collected Rs 86,000.


Bhojpuri film Raja Thakur entered second week in Bombay in six cinemas.


Dor, Khosla Ka Ghosla and Pyar Ke Side / Effects proved to be multiplex films all the way.< Page Break >


Dor in its second week collected Rs 201,400 from 14 cinemas (53 per cent). Delhi collected Rs 645,090 from five cinemas (38 per cent); Ghaziabad Rs 70,470 from three cinemas (39 per cent) and Hyderabad Rs 174,930 from one print.


Khosla Ka Ghosla has fetched Rs 1.67 crore net box-office collections in its first week all over India. Comparatively, the second week net collection is Rs 1.11 crore. (Mumbai-Thane-Goa Rs Rs 2,999,986 from 24 prints; Gujarat Rs 716,938 from 10 prints; Western Maharashtra and Pune Rs 484,122 from six prints; Nasik Rs 53,829 from one print; Delhi Rs 3,168,867 from 19 prints; U.P. Rs 353,908 from five prints. C.P. Berar Rs 69,834 from one print; C.I. Rs 102,128 from four prints; Rajasthan Rs 120,094 from five prints; East Punjab Rs 1,225,454 from six prints; South circuit: Nizam Rs 618,082 from six prints and Mysore Rs 240,275 from three prints. The total net box-office collection in India for two weeks is Rs 2.78 crore.


In Bombay, the film collected Rs 2,685,291 from 23 cinemas (52 per cent); Thane Rs 289,717 from 4 cinemas (63 per cent); Pune Rs 481,122 from 6 cinemas (53 per cent); Nasik Rs 54,732 from 3 cinemas (38 per cent); Ahmedabad Rs 716,754 from 13 cinemas (42 per cent); Baroda Rs 132,889 from 3 cinemas (48 per cent); Surat Rs 75,295 on 1 print (36 per cent); Delhi Rs 1,126,553 from 6 cinemas (45 per cent).


In the first week, Allahabad collected Rs 19,647 from 1 cinema (30 per cent); Agra 64,571 from 1 cinema (36 per cent); Nagpur Rs 68,931 from 1 print (38 per cent); Indore Rs 102,128 from 3 cinemas (39 per cent); Chandigarh Rs 212,480 on 1 print (43 per cent); Jaipur Rs 88,853 from 2 cinemas (40 per cent); Udaipur Rs 31,341 from 1 cinema (20 per cent); Kolkata Rs 8,63,478 from 4 cinemas (72 per cent). Hyderabad Rs 466,135 from 3 cinemas (68 per cent).


Many prints and screens have been engaged for the third week for the film. In Bombay, seven single screens have been added.


In all India, in the first week 101 prints and eight digital versions were engaged for 118 screens. In the second week 96 prints and one digital version for 105 screens were engaged. While in the third week 101 prints and three digital for 120 screens are engaged.


The collections of Pyaar Ke Side / Effects from Bombay in its third week were not disclosed. Delhi collected Rs 1,794,100 from 9 cinemas (36 per cent); Ghaziabad Rs 406,592 from 6 cinemas (52 per cent); Kanpur Rs 14,243 from 1 print (26 per cent), while the other print was on fixed hire. Hyderabad collected Rs 466,000 from 3 cinemas.< Page Break >


Lage Raho Munnabhai in its fifth week collected 68 per cent in Bombay from 29 cinemas (Rs 10,561,632); Jamnagar Rs 337,964 form 2 cinema (65 per cent); Delhi Rs 79 lakhs from 18 cinemas (48 per cent); Ghaziabad Rs 1,227,176 from 9 cinemas (66 per cent); Kanpur Rs 567,115 from 3 cinemas (60 per cent); Nagpur Rs 512,692 on 2 prints (44 per cent); Bikaner Rs 105,280 on 1 print (52 per cent); Ajmer grossed Rs 280,575 on 1 print (62 per cent); Jodhpur entered seventh combined week and Hyderabad collected Rs 1,633,472 from 6 cinemas (80 per cent).


Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna in its eight week collected Rs 117,020 from 4 cinemas in Bombay.


Krrish in its 15th week collected Rs 133,715 from 2 prints (1 print was on 7 shows) in Bombay and Thane combined.


Fanaa in its 19th week collected Rs 6,927 from 1 print (7 matinee shows) in Bombay.


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge in its 57th week collected Rs 18,580 from one print in Bombay (7 matinee shows).

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