Anand Sivakumaran to direct film on materialism – Money Devo Bhava


MUMBAI: Director Anand Sivakumaran is all set to direct a film on materialism titled Money Devo Bhava.

Atul Pandey of Atul Productions, who has earlier produced Summer 2007, will produce the movie, which highlights today’s materialistic world and focuses on how money is treated as the supreme power.

Money Devo Bhava will star new comers Nikhil, Yoshika Verma and Maanvi Gagroo. It is being shot at an actual college in Jaipur. The music in the film is by Gourav Dasgupta.
Pandey said, “After thought provoking subject that of farmer suicides in Summer 2007, it is my attempt to say another story about another potent issue, just this time, I present it in a main stream bowl with romance, songs et al.”

Sivakumaran added, “MDB is a young campus film but it is not candy floss. It is about real kids, real romances and real issues. This is a story that is happening everyday in colleges around the country.”

In addition to Money Devo Bhava, Pandey also has three other films under various stages of production namely a children’s drama titled Chickotee, a thriller titled Bas Yun Hi, a satire titled Jalebi Culture and an Animation feature film titled Princess Me is also in the scripting stage.