Anant Narayan & Minissha Lamba in a film together?


MUMBAI: Bollywood’s latest chocolate boy Anant Narayan is inundated with film offers. But producers put only one condition – they want Anant to be paired opposite "alleged" girlfriend actress Minissha Lamba

After being listed among the ten hot new couples of tinsel town on Buzz 18’s Bollywood Love Report Card 2009, Anant Narayan and Minissha Lamba are in demand and how! After a leading national daily broke the news of a love affair between Minissha and Anant, the dishy actor is inundated with film offers, especially lighthearted college romances, but producers and directors put only one condition – they want Anant to be paired opposite Minissha Lamba, whom they believe is the special someone in Anant’s life.

More on the recent developments, we thought it wouldn’t be too bad an idea to hear the story from the horse’s mouth. "Yes, i have received a lot of film offers but it’s not because a national daily carried an idiotic linkup story with Minissha Lamba. I’ve been offered films for over a year now, and i have recently turned down three films because I wasn’t too happy with the scripts and the money that was being offered wasn’t too exciting either! Despite clear cut denials from both Minissha and my end, the industry still believes Minissha and I are a couple and they make no bones in saying "how cute we look together" or "how good we’d look onscreen". It all leaves me completely bemused because the truth is I met Minissha some four years ago at the press conference of her first film Yahaan at a five star hotel in Delhi as a journalist. We were constantly in touch over sms and would exchange occasional phone calls in the last four years. We definitely WERE very good friends until she stopped talking to me the day she realised I’m no longer a journalist! But that’s all right with me. What was certainly not alright with me was the way she lashed out at me in the press, calling me all sorts of names, calling me publicity hungry. I think it was all in very poor taste," says Anant.

So will Minissha and Anant be seen in a film together? "That’s a million dollar question. Producers and directors do want to sign us together. In fact, a producer pushed very hard to get the both of us together for a project but sorry to inform you that it’s definitely NOT happening. At least, I’m not interested". With that Anant wraps up this debate.

Interestingly both Anant and Minissha are currently shooting in Kolkata. Not for the same film of course! Anant is shooting for Rajeshwari Dasgupta’s art film Anirbaan, in which Anant essays the lead role and Minissha is shooting for Shyam Benegal’s Well done Abba.