Andpersand travels Turkey with cast of Mission Istaanbul

Mumbai: In its upcoming issue, The Wander Years, themed on travel, Andpersand ‘&’ Magazine, the flagship publication of the Maxposure Media Group, explores wanderlust as unconventionally as possible.

As Vivek Oberoi, Zayed Khan, Niketan Dheer, Shabbir Ahluwalia, Apoorva Lakhia and designer Gaurav Gupta spill the beans on their exploits in the beautiful city of Istanbul, in a feature titled Talking Turkey, readers discover the confluence of cultures that thrives here. Interesting vignettes, experiences, and actions of these people pepper Andpersand’s pages, as the readers learn as much about them, as they do about Istanbul.

And in true Andpersand sense of doing things differently, the issue intrigues its readers with a second ‘cover’ inside – a ‘sneak peek’ into the magazine’s next cover boy, who is already creating waves. With his head bowed down, this hot, brawny boy plays peek-a-boo with Andpersand readers, leaving them guessing as to who he is. Readers can also win a date with him if they guess correctly who it is. This second cover is a part of Andpersand’s philosophy of giving readers something new and interesting every month.

Just like the lead feature of the upcoming issue. Seeing Istanbul through the eyes of Bollywood actors, the readers learn about their quirks and pet peeves. ‘The boys’ really let their hair down, as Vivek and Zayed speak about getting drunk in Istanbul, while Niketan and Shabbir explain the beauty of the city – the sights, the sounds and the women. Gaurav Gupta narrates how his sojourn to the city was as much a lesson in self-discovery as it was an aspect that shaped his life.

This travel issue focuses on several other facets of journeying too – couch surfing, slum tourism, space laws, hitchhikers, luxury hotspots, and many more such pieces – all speaking of travel, albeit differently.

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