Anil Kapoor in a credit card row in SA

Even stars have their problems. Actor Anil Kapoor was recently caught in a row with a local businessman who allegedly used the actor’s credit card to settle huge bills. However, the businessman, Graham Chennells, a hotelier and former mayor of the small northern KwaZulu-Natal town of Eshowe accused Kapoor for having backed out on promises to pay outstanding bills for a film project which never took off.

The film, Gandhi My Father was eventually never shot in Eshowe. However, Graham Chennells and his associate Fergus Upfold who began work for the sets now want to be paid for the expenses incurred by them to build sets and provide hotel bookings.

Kapoor told the Sunday Tribune that he had paid over $50,000, which the duo refuted. The poor Kapoor may now have to think twice before decides to go back to shoot in SA, a country which he has been promoting to his Bollywood colleagues!

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