Animated film Dashavatar includes item song


    Mumbai: Anushvi Productions’ animation-mythological film Dashavatar is scheduled for releaser all over on 13 June. And the makers have included an item song in the film—Mohini, Kamini, Gajgamini… which has been sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Rattan Mohan Sharma.

    Commenting on the inclusion of this song, director Bhavik says, "It was a cinematic consideration more than a commercial one. As a director I saw the potential for a song situation. The scene otherwise could have been quite dry with lot of dialogues only, so to infuse an element of fun I decided to introduce the song. Also the situation lent itself to the song which had all the trappings of an ‘item number’ keeping in mind the present day trend. So the music director Anand Kurhekar, composed a song rendered by Kunal Ganjawalla and Rattan Mohan Sharma. We first choreographed the song live and on that basis animated it."   

    The song appears when the Gods and the asurs/demons are churning the ocean, as advised by Lord Vishnu, to retrieve the lost glory of the heavens. Then Dhanvantri emerges with the nectar and there is a quarrel among the asurs to possess it, as it would make them even more powerful and invincible. The Gods are helpless and powerless so it is imperative that the Gods drink the nectar. A beautiful maiden then appears on the scene and seeing her beauty the Gods and especially the asurs are stunned. She mesmerizes the asurs into giving her the jar of nectar which she begins distributing, much to the delight of the asurs who keep following her, entranced and captivated by her beauty.

    Shatrughan Sinha has given narration for the film. Other actors who have given their voices for various characters include Sachin Khedekar for Lord Vishnu, Shreyas Talpade for Narad, Rupali Ganguly for Apsara, Tom Alter for Parshuram, Shishir Sharma for Bali Raja, Kenneth Desai for Lord Indra, Vinay Apte for Kansa and Ashish Vidyarthi for Hiranakshyapu.

    Dashavatar is based on ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu and has been directed by Bhavik and produced by Vimal Shah in association with Pune-based Phoebus Creations Media Pvt. Ltd.