Animation is all about creativity: Hormaz Baria


    MUMBAI: Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects Institute vice president technical Hormaz Baria was in Chandigarh to interact with the students of the local centre and teach them the quality aspects of animation production.

    Character animation is a specialized area of the animation process where an artist not only provides physical action but also lends thought and emotion to otherwise lifeless lines, he said.

    Baria, whose career spans seven years, has worked on numerous Indian and international projects, such as Monster by Mistake, The Tales of Jack Frost, Neopets, The Darkest Faerie, World Series of Poker, TV series for Disney, besides numerous animated ad films like Hot Wheels, Cardbury, LG, Samsung, Pepsi, Tide and Nokia, amongst others.

    "I have joined Frameboxx to share my studio experience as well as bridge the gap between the students and the industry where they have to work ultimately, by teaching them some of the finer elements and improving the quality of their class-room projects," he said.

    As a part of this unique initiative, Frameboxx is setting up its first incubation centre in Mumbai next month where selected 50 students from Frameboxx’s 20 centers across the country would undergo intensive training, which involves working on live projects in a real studio environment.

    Baria said that the animation industry today requires over two lakh of trained animators, who are specialists in modeling, lighting, character animation, rigging, etc., with application in diverse fields including cinema, television, advertising, gaming, and education.