Anupam Kher inks tie ups with Austraila


MUMBAI: Indo-Australian filmy links get a major boost as Bollywood star, producer, and educationist Anupam Kher announces a series of tie ups with Australia. Kher announced this tie up at the end of an Australian tour of his play Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai. The tie ups will see Kher, his acting school and his production company collaborate with some leading Australian film organizations and individuals.

These include famous producer John Winter, Australia’s leading Indian film expert and Australia India Film Council chairman and Sydney-based filmmaker Anupam Sharma, as well as financial consultant Manish Sunderjee.

The tie ups include planning of a branch of Kher’s famous acting school in Sydney, possibly at Fox Studios, which Anupam Kher will be touring during his visit to Australia.

He has also accepted to be the first ambassador for the Indian International Film Festival and Awards to be held in 2008 in Australia. The festival will be a boutique, high end, professional version of the various Indian festival and awards mushrooming around the world.

He has also tied up for co-production and collaborations with the Australian film industry, utilizing locations, crew and the producer’s rebate recently introduced in Australia.

Speaking from Sydney, Kher said, “I am very pleased with the vibrant and creative support Australia offers to collaborations in media and films. I look forward to working with leading Australian filmmakers and institutes on projects which will benefit both countries”.

Sharma said, “Anupam Kher’s interest in Australia being translated into projects is a big boost to the Indo-Australia film and media links. He is a genuine and pioneering talent and entrepreneur, we look forward to working with Anupam Kher and assisting him in fully utilizing the potential of Australian film services and talent.”

With the announcement of collaborations in Australia, Kher literally completes his global presence that he has been working towards, through UK, South Africa and American operations, particularly of his now world-famous acting school Actor Prepares.

Indo Australian film links have had a constant growth over the last decade with resurgence through major Bollywood films in the last two years. The state and federal governments in Australia have been supportive and keen to tap in the potential of Indian cinema and entertainment sectors and have had substantial tie ups with Indian films through Australia’s biggest production company working with India–films and casting Temple. These include Love Story 2050, Heyy Babyy, and the recently shot Victory – the biggest cricket film.

These announcements by Kher are expected to further increase activity and interest between the two countries as Australia gets in a win-win situation working with the biggest film industry in the world—India.