Film: Anuranan


Director: Aniruddha Roy Choudhury


Presenter: Shemaroo Entertainment


Music Director: Tanmoy Bose and Aashish Rego


Language: Bengali


Cast: Rahul Bose, Rituparna Sengupta, Raima Sen and Rajat Kapoor




Anuranan means ‘resonance’ in Bengali and this movie is about the story of two couples, each with their own struggles to survive as a couple and as individuals. These individuals can be distinctly seen as four separate entities, with their own dreams, desires and emotions. Fate and circumstances bring them together.


After living in London for a few years, Rahul and Nandita have recently moved back to Kolkata. The Kanchanjunga project is what brings Rahul and Amit together. Friendship eventually blossoms amongst both the couples – Rahul & Nandita and Amit & Preeti. As time flies, lot of events unfold and the relationship these friends share creates a resonance, a chord, that echoes through their present and future. 


Rahul, Nandita, Preeti and Amit are seen walking through life, each of them going through a different phase. They bump into each other and their life takes a subtle turn. Rahul and Nandita strike a chord at a different level which continues to reverberate. They experience a unique bond and emotionally connect with each other in a significant plane of their journey in life.  


The understanding between Preeti and Nandita at the end of the story when their individual worlds are broken to bits and pieces also signifies a new resonance that has been struck. It signifies a new beginning for two people who will grow and nurture each other meaningfully in days to come.


This movie shot in London with some brilliant photography, has very beautifully portrayed relationships. The sensitivity with which the emotions have been captured is commendable. The film contemplates how at various moments and thresholds of our life we experience different kinds of bonds and emotional attachments with different kinds of people.