Aparna Sen talks about 15 Park Avenue on Pix

MUMBAI: Director Aparna Sen’s interview will be aired on Pix on 28 January along with the World English Television Premiere of 15 Park Avenue.

The film is directed by Sen and will be aired on 28 January at 8 pm, whereas her interview will be aired at 7 pm. Sen will be interviewed by actor Raima Sen.

After 20 years of her appearance in cinema, Sen made her first movie 36 Chowringhee Lane, which is an English political movie and also won the National Award for Best Direction in India.

About 15 Park Avenue, Sen says, “15 Park Avenue is my most honest film. It’s born completely out of first-hand experience. I’ve lived through the trauma of dealing with mental sickness in the family.”

On Konkona Sen’s Performance in the film, she adds, “As far as Konkona is concerned this is by far her best performance to date. We know someone very close to us who’s schizophrenic… a very close relative. So Konkona got to study the traits very carefully. We also had professional medical assistance to get the nuances right.”

Sen also holds forth on her views on Bengali cinema. “Mainstream Bengali cinema unashamedly tries to copy Bollywood. They forget that they don’t have the kind of budgets that Hindi filmmakers have,” she says.

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