AR Rahman’s Slumdog Millionaire principle


MUMBAI: Oscar winner AR Rahman is sitting pretty with his double whammy. But that was not the case with Danny Boyle, who had flown down to Chennai after a meeting was fixed between him and the musician.

The director and his assistant landed in Chennai only to find Rahman’s cell phone switched off. After making several calls, the duo traced the studio in which Rahman usually records his music. On reaching the studio, Boyle tried calling him on his cell again but it was still switched off. After patiently waiting for four hours, Rahman came out of his recording studio and apologized.

A Bollywood film director, who was closely associated with the making of Slumdog Millionaire said, "Rahman said that it was his principle never to talk shop or discuss any work while he is working on a score with another producer. He believes that as a producer is giving him his money’s worth, he should not waste his money and discuss work with another producer. Boyle landed up waiting for four hours for his time with AR Rahman, and I am sure Boyle thinks its time and money well invested."

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