Arbaaz Khan takes newcomer for a ride


MUMBAI: The Khan family is known to have been the original stars who have always had a way with wheels.

All three brothers (Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail) go on a biking binge at their Panvel farm where a fleet of ATVs are also parked for the fun & fancy of friends who visit the Khan abode almost every week.

In fact Arbaaz Khan’s son, 7 year old Arhaan too is an expert with these all terrain vehicles and is seen speeding through the farmland, just like the senior Khans.

So when it came to filming a fast paced song on Arbaaz Khan & debutante Madhurri Bhattacharya on a bike recently in Mysore, for Ashok Kheny’s Prem Kaa Game, the unassuming Arbaaz pretended that he is paranoid about two-wheelers. Much to the disbelief of the newcomer who was expected to sit pillion on a bike ridden by a self-proclaimed amateur

However as the cameras began to roll she hesitatingly got behind the hero who continued his act by telling her that she should pray that they survive this lengthy shot where he was expected to speed down a steep slope on the bike. The poor girl literally had a nervous breakdown as she clutched on toArbaaz.

Finally as the camera rolled and Arbaaz took off, Bhattacharya nearly passed out,only to regain her consciousness when she realized that  they were cruising at top speed with Arbaaz in total control of the bike.

Heaving a sigh of relief she began enjoying the rest of the ride. Forgetting that she had been taken for one!