Arbaaz Khan turns blogger


MUMBAI: Arbaaz Khan has joined the latest list of actors blogging on the net. Being a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar, Arbaaz took up his new profession on the day of the cricketer’s birthday, 24 April.

Says the actor, “It is important to start something new on an auspicious day, and what can be bigger for a cricket fan than Sachin Tendulkar’s birthday.”

Arbaaz’s writing reflects on all the goings on in his life. And although he is a cricket buff, his writings have huge reflections of his personal life. And he has also used his blog to clarify the rumours that Sonakshi Sinha will not be acting in his film. An irritated Arbaaz said, “The press writes what they want and we have to bear the consequences. Hence when I clarified the piece on my blog, I also attached the article that was written giving all inaccurate information so that people are aware on what is the true picture.”

The writings also have Arbaaz writing about a bet that was lost by Helen Aunty to his father, Salim Khan. Yet another piece talks about his envious feelings for his wife, Malaika Arora Khan when their son cuddles her more than him.

Anything that has personal information on an actor is instantly gobbled up and Arbaaz Khan has got this funda right as he starts a new chapter in his life.