Arjun Rampal has a lot to look forward to


MUMBAI: Slow and steady wins the race and in the race to attaining success, Arjun Rampal has cracked the code. With successful directors waiting for his go-ahead, an uptown pub in Delhi making it the watering hole of the rich and famous and a dramatic opening of his production house, Chasing Ganesha in this Indian Premier league, has put Rampal in the top bracket and the actor cum entrepreneur is thrilled with all that is coming his way.


It was almost a decade ago when this Delhi model made a nondescript entry in an Ashok Mehta film. His wooden expressions and stiff body made Arjun just another struggling model vying for his luck in Mumbai’s film industry. But then Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om happened in 2007 and suddenly the actor shot into the limelight as a villain.


Rampal said, “There were some directors who waited for me and some that I waited for. Prakash Jha’s Rajneeti came to me 5 years ago and I gave him my go ahead. But the film was delayed and when Prakash was ready I went ahead with the film.”


Rampal along with his wife, Mehr Jessia, opened Lap, a pub in Delhi. The actor waited for a couple of months until good friend Shah Rukh Khan returned from his American schedule to inaugurate it. Today, it is one of the most famous addresses for a night out in Delhi.


Cashing in on the IPL extravaganza, Rampal’s production house has been given the responsibility to organize fashion shows and the IPL post match party. With almost 80 odd matches being played in the country, Chasing Ganesha, the production house of the actor, is already big in the business.


As for his films, Arjun said, “Housefull is coming up next in April, followed by Rajneeti in May. Both are good films with diverse characters. As for the under production films, it is still early to talk about it.”


But news is out that he will play a big part in Farhan Akhtar’s sequel to Don featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra. And this is how Rampal has made his eggs hatch and the chickens count for.