Ashley, Bollywood celebs in AIDS docu-film


MUMBAI: Production house, Miditech has come out with its 45 minutes documentary on AIDS – India‘s Hidden Plague: Ashley Judd’s Journey. The film will be telecast worldwide on the World AIDS day, 1 December at 9.30 pm.


The film documents the journey of Youth AIDS Global Ambassador, actress and philanthropist, Ashley Judd teamed up with Bollywood stars Shah Rukh Khan, Sushmita Sen and Akshay Kumar and while they visit the brothels and slums in Mumbai to truck stops in Jaipur to the affluent communities of Delhi exploring the AIDS epidemic in India.


The documentary captures Judd in her avatar as the Global Ambassador for Youth AIDS and Population Services International (PSI) during her visit to India. Her mission to understand the face of HIV and AIDS in India and to take back the stories and experiences to people who shape the future of the planet was the main objective of the docu-film.


During the film, Judd met a range of people who shared their lives and stories of how this virus touches their lives. She was overwhelmed by the way people let her into their world and had to continuously process her feelings so that she could face each new day and each new story. She met a single mother with two children, who refused to become a victim after she found out she was positive. She also met a sex worker who continued to be in the trade even after she contracted the virus and thereafter, tuberculosis and a trucker – representative of a migrant population who fast tracked the virus from one area to another.


What touched her most was a 14 year old who lost both parents to AIDS and a sex worker with an upper crust clientele, who despite her higher earnings, still continued to be trapped in her circumstances. Ashley met these and other people who shared their stories with her.


“I don’t have to do a whammy job on anyone once they learn about how well [the filmmakers] empower these precious, at-risk people,” said Judd, at the film’s world Premiere on 1 November at the National Geographic Society at Washington DC.

Director of the film, Chandramouli Basu said, “This film represents a large and growing list of factual shows that Miditech has in its repertoire; Films based on real people with powerful stories that will pull in audiences anywhere in the world.”


Miditech, President, Niret Alva added, “The film is reminder that when you have powerful human interest stories, wedded to Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities, not to mention unbelievable access to people whose predicament has never been catalogued, and sensitive film making that Miditech is known for you have magic.”