AUSIB urges Indian filmmakers to avail California tax credits


    MUMBAI: The Alliance for US India Business (AUSIB) is actively fostering a closer relationship between the Indian film industry and Hollywood in the wake of significant tax credits for filmmakers recently enacted by the California government.

    As of 1 July, film companies will be able to apply for up to 25 per cent in tax credits on motion pictures or television programs that they make in the state. AUSIB believes that the tax credits are one among many reasons why Indian filmmakers should seriously consider California as the site of their next films.

    While a strong relationship already exists between the Indian film industry and studios such as Fox, Disney and Warner, California is also the home of the entertainment industry and offers decades-old tradition of film making with personnel and state of the art production facilities. Moreover, the state itself boasts a moderate climate year round and offers over 800 miles of breathtaking coastline along the Pacific Ocean.

    Via the free online permits provided by the California Film Commission, filmmakers can have access to the state’s parks, beaches, freeways, roads, and government buildings.

    "We encourage Indian filmmakers to contact us for help in establishing what we are sure will be productive connections & film making ventures in California. The state definitely wants to work with you. AUSIB can help make that happen through its film industry expertise and contacts," said AUSIB director entertainment Dolly Kapoor.