AXN premieres thriller series Kidnapped


MUMBAI: Star-studded thriller series Kidnapped will soon be aired on AXN India.

A peaceful day in the life of a wealthy New York family is shattered when their 15-year-old son Leopold is kidnapped. Desperate to find his son, Conrad Cain turns to Knapp, a private investigator specialising in kidnap cases who keeps Cain’s skeletons in the closet and takes his job one step further than most—beyond the law.

As the quirkily intelligent yet innocent Leopold struggles to handle his captivity, investigations by both the FBI and Knapp uncover shocking secrets in the Cain family, and the investigators, along with the kidnappers, are drawn into a sinister three-sided tango where the stakes are steadily rising. Juggling both the kidnapper and Knapp’s unconventional tactics to the case, FBI Special Agent King finds himself personally connected to the case as Conrad Cain’s secrets are gradually unburied, and the Cain family’s perfect image is slowly destroyed in the game of manipulation and deception.