BIG buys Welcome home video for Rs 35 mn


MUMBAI: The home video rights of Studio 18-distributed Welcome have been acquired by BIG Home Entertainment. Sources inform that the deal has been struck for an astronomical amount of Rs 35 million (Rs 3.5 crores). This makes it the highest ever deal on home video for any movie.


Studio 18 associative vice president home entertainment and music Sajjad Chunawala refused to confirm the amount, but says, “Yes, the deal between Studio 18 and BIG for Welcome home video rights is the highest ever in the home video business.”


When contacted by, BIG Music and Home Entertainment CEO Kulmeet Makkar refused to comment on the same.

Om Shanti Om, which was the highest grosser for 2007, is said to have been picked up by Eros for Rs 30 million (Rs 3 crores). While Welcome is second to Om Shanti Om in India‘s theatrical collections, it has surpassed Om Shanti Om in its home video price.

VCDs and DVDs of the movie will be released by 15 February.