BIG Cinemas launches classified advertising service


MUMBAI: BIG Cinemas has launched its new classifieds advertising service.

BIG Cinemas Classifieds will provide the local and regional advertisers an option to release their classified advertisements through slides on the BIG Cinemas screens in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai for the duration of a week. BIG Cinemas has tied up with 40 local press depots in the relevant catchments areas to provide connect options to the local retail advertisers.

BIG Cinemas business head – cinema sales Arun Tyagi said, "Cinema advertising is an extremely effective low cost and high impact advertising medium with unique advantages like an engaged and seated audience with a leisure mindset offering local, regional, and national capabilities. With the launch of the classified service we are giving the local retail advertisers a promotion option beyond print media."

The launch of classified service is a part of BIG Cinemas’ strategic initiative to develop and promote cinema advertising as an effective advertising medium because of the reach, transparency and measurement that the multiplexes can offer today.

Apart from the on screen presentation options, BIG Cinemas also offers innovative off screen consumer connect options like pillar branding, audi and exit door branding, floor stickers, ticket jackets, seat branding, washroom mirror branding, staircase and waterbody branding among others.