BIG Music, Zapak partner for Crazy Cart music


Mumbai: BIG Music has announced its partnership with Zapak Digital Entertainment to produce music for the online racing game Crazy Cart in India.

Zapak, that bagged the exclusive rights for Shanda Interactive Entertainment’s online racing game Crazy Kart in India, has commissioned BIG Music to create the title track for the local version of the game. Big Music’s foray into the world of digital medium is one more glimpse of the strategic vision of the company by moving beyond just a music distributor to a 360° home entertainment specialist.

Big Music & Home Entertainment CEO Kulmeet Makkar said, "Music’s value is shifting away from its traditional sources of revenue. Earlier distributing and selling recorded music used to be the mainstay of the industry that is just a part of its revenue streams today. Endeavors like Crazy Kart helps us navigate around the emerging landscapes and look at new business models emerging with new music usages throughout digital and mobile platforms."

Zapak Digital Entertainment COO Rohit Sharma said, "This is the first of its kind racing product targeted towards the Indian youth and music obviously forms an integral part of it. We needed someone who could think youth and gaming simultaneously to get the best mix. We evaluated various players for this assignment and decided to go with Big Music as their proposal and content was most compelling."

The track talks about Breaking the Sound Barrier and uses techno, pop-rock and exciting sound effects adding to the overall hairy aura giving the gamer the have-it all-together feel with the music almost becoming the second-skin to the game. The Creative energies of Zapak and Big Music that went into composing the tracks are in complete symbiosis with the passion that went into the creation of the game.