Big Pictures to release Hulla on 19 September


Mumbai: From Sunil Doshi, the producer of Bheja Fry and Mixed Doubles comes another humorous treat titled Hulla. The film is written and directed by Jaideep Varma, a former advertising writer, music columnist and an author of a novel ‘Local’ published in 2005.  The film stars Sushant Singh and Rajat Kapoor in pivotal roles and is slated to release on 19 September.

Hulla, is an energetic bittersweet comedy on something that is taken too much for granted in Indian cities, especially Mumbai – private space. It is about the clash between a stockbroker who is not allowed to sleep at night and a minor trader who will not let him (as the secretary of the building society they live in). This seemingly trivial, even laughable, problem eventually snowballs into disasters for both of them and their families.

The film’s music is done by contemporary Indian band, Indian Ocean and other star cast includes Kartikadevi Rane, Mandeep, Vrajesh Hirjee, Dibyendu Bhattacharya.