BIG TV enhances graphic user interface


Mumbai: BIG TV has enhanced their Graphic User Interface to improve the viewing experience for their customers. Customers will be notified of this with a message on their TV screens. Viewers need to follow the simple onscreen instructions to enable the software enhancements.

BIG TV has added a few features. One of the notable changes is the flexibility to position the BIG TV logo on the screen by Channel, to ensure that neither does it obstruct the viewer nor does it overlap the channel logo.

Feature enhancements include direct remote key access to features like the Program Guide and Select (12 channel Mosaic preview), a 12 hour time clock, and specific genre headings for each Select screen.

The home page is now more informative with direct links to BIG TV’s exclusive (32) Cinema channels landing page, iNTERACTIVE landing page, and Services (account info, onscreen user guide, new and exciting offers etc).

"BIG TV has created a record by logging in one Million subscribers in a short span of 90 days, a feat unmatched by any other player. Our customer-centric approach has helped us win customer confidence. Our subscribers trust us and expect us to keep enhancing their viewing pleasure. We are committed to offer our customers new and improved value added services. Our aim is to make the BIG TV known as the most user-friendly brand in the DTH space and we will take all the necessary steps to do that.  While that network is expanding every day, we are also investing in creating a user-friendly DTH service and will constantly endeavour to improvise our product features and service," said Reliance Communications president Mahesh Prasad.

BIG TV has also introduced a picture-based (DVD Jacket covers) Cinema page wherein the viewer can browse through the list movies genres and then select the movie in play on the Cinema Channels and directly tune to the selected Cinema Channel. An iNTERACTIVE landing page is also introduced and this too is picture-based.

BIG TV’s development initiatives are aimed at continuously enhancing its subscribers’ TV viewing experience. This is based on consumer research and feedback. Such ongoing, consumer led enhancement strategies have helped BIG TV become the fastest growing DTH service in the world.

"User interface is one of the critical building blocks to enhance positive customer experience in digital home entertainment. We have deployed futuristic world-class technology platforms in Reliance BIG TV DTH service to ensure delightful and seamless TV viewing experience for our customers", said Reliance Communications group head brand and marketing Sanjay Behl.