get 500,000 users online


PRESS RELEASE today touched the user base of half a million users. Officially launched just a month back on August 13, 2007, this is one of the first milestones for BigAdda. It is the first Indian youth networking site with all forms of expressions under one hat. BigAdda is targeting a user base of 10 million customers by 2010 and this is a significant step in that direction. They plan to launch various new initiatives in the near future.

Speaking on acquiring these numbers and about the entire networking industry, Rajesh Sawhney, President, Reliance Entertainment said, “Getting a user base of half a million users in a short time is an achievement for BigAdda. According to the 2007 NASSCOM Report, it is estimated that by 2010 there will be 20 million Broadband subscribers, up from 1 million and 100 million Internet users, as compared to 40 million today. These numbers are going to go up and the curve will only get steeper.”

“Also, the number of internet users has witnessed an upswing, and so has their need to socialize online and gain acceptance in the virtual world. There is a growth of 240% in the number of unique visitors per month for youth networking websites. Virtual hang out plays a key role, because it gives them the space to be amongst friends and peers, while sharing an image of their own, which they would like to project. aims to evolve a youth community, inclusive and inspirational and create a youth culture that will be cool and inspirational for them.” he added.

Siddhartha Roy, Chief Operating Officer, BigAdda says, “Our unique feature of icons as the community drivers and their active participation on the portal, our security features are few of the factors that have helped us touch this substantial number. Music, Fashion, Movies, Sports and Photography are a passion for all segments and age groups. The idea was to create a platform to encourage user interactivity with these youth icons and going forward, we hope to build this association with our users.”