Bihar to host premiere of Ravi Kissen movie

MUMBAI: Banke Bihaaree MLA, starring actors Ravi Kissen and Rambha, will be premiered in Bihar this February.

Says executive producer Raju Satyam, “We plan to have a grand premiere for the film on 15 February 2007 in Patna, and a simultaneous one in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh). The film will be released on 16 February all over, including Bombay and Punjab territories.”

Banke Bihaaree MLA is a satire, a slapstick comedy that takes digs at politics. The film has been produced by Ramesh Raao and directed by Babloo Soni. Niraj Pathak is the co-producer. It also features Kunal Singh, Savita Prabune, Vijay Khare and others in its cast. Gunwant and Raj Sen have provided the music score.

Ashok Anchan

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