Bihari Maths Wizard Anand Kumar Biopic

Anand Kumar
Maths genius, the 38-year old Anand Kumar, best known for his ‘Super 30’ programme which tutors economically-backward students free of cost, is now going to be the subject of a movie.

Anurag Basu who is currently wrapping up Barfee with Ranbir Kapoor has quietly been researching the life of Anand Kumar. Basu was blown away by Anand’s service to the cause of mathematics. An ordinary Bihari from an impoverished background, Anand’s theories and opinions on maths-related subjects appear in the most prestigious journals of the world.

Quietly and on the sly, Anurag had been visiting Patna to spend time with Anand Kumar to understand how his mind works and the extent of the man’s reach in the field of mathematics. Anurag has now collected enough information on Anand Kumar.

The Anand bio-pic and not the Kishore Kumar film, will now be  Anurag’s next film.

Says a source, "The Kishore Kumar bio-pic might take longer to research than Anurag had thought. In the meanwhile Anurag has been rigorously researching details from Anand Kumar’s life. Anurag has spoken to Ranbir about Anand. And Ranbir is eager to get into the heart and mind of  Anand Kumar."

When contacted Anurag said, "Well,I’ve been to Patna frequently to meet someone on whom I plan to make film. Beyond that I don’t want to say anything right now."

Incidentally a lot of Amitabh Bachchan’s character in Prakash Jha’s Aarakshan was modelled on Anand Kumar. Jha had in fact taken Anand’s help for the Big B to be coached for the role of the maths teacher.