Bipasha Basu is a professional at work


MUMBAI: Acting will take a back seat for Bipasha Basu for some time now. And before people believe that the actress is going to quit the industry, the story is that, Bips is now fully conserving her energy for the promotion of her next release, Aa Dekhe Zaara. She said, "Aa Dekhe Zaara will be my next release and I will be busy for the next five weeks promoting the film as it releases on the 27th of March."

Bips has almost completed the shooting of her film with Bunty Walia. The actress confirmed, "Lamhaa has just two days of shooting left. Most of my scenes are done." With so much of brouhaha about her leaving the sets of Lamhaa in a huff about the security arrangements at the location of Kashmir, news about her shooting for the film was completely sidelined.

But the professional that Basu is, said our source, "She not only returned to Kashmir to shoot, but also came to Mumbai for a day to perform at the Screen Awards in between her shooting schedule as she had committed to the event organizers. But things like that never get written about."

They may not be written about but the vibrancy of Basu is there to be seen in all her movies. The Bong actress likes to give her best shot at work and therefore is meticulous about her planning and execution. The directors who have cast her in her films have been pleasantly surprised to see the fiery actress go about her work in complete harmony.

On a concluding note, Jehangir Surti, director of Aa Dekhe Zaara, said, "Being a first time director, I was very apprehensive, but Bipasha showed me how a professional is at work and seeing her commitment, I was fully charged."