Bipasha Basu wades, Bollywood enjoys Mumbai rains

Bipasha Basu
MUMBAI: If Bipasha Basu enjoyed a hot cup of tea, Anupam Kher went down memory lane and Ashish Chaudhary loved the sight of raindrops. Bollywood celebrities are soaking in the joys of Mumbai rains.
A few took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the heavy rains that lashed Mumbai Wednesday, disrupting road and rail traffic. 
Here’s what the celebs had to say:
Bipasha Basu: Waking up to a steaming cup of my recent favourite ‘Organic Green Tea Passion’! Raining cats and dogs and more! Have to wade through all that to get to the dub!
Anupam Kher: Is it only me who associates rains with nostalgia? A carefree childhood, tin roof house, muddy games, torn umbrella and just laughter.
Ashish Chowdhry: Love seeing the heavy rains out of my window, yet can’t help thinking about the homeless. And the poor, who’s homes have leaky crumbly roofs.
Dia Mirza: Rain does bring with it a certain melancholy a sense of nostalgia. Dancing in the first shower, jumping, giggling, chasing.
Sujoy Ghosh: Full ‘Posiedon’ adventure happening below my building. Where did all this water come from?
Nafisa Khan: Only thing to do in such torrential rains is to dance away. 
Ameesha Patel: Good morning darlings. Woke up to such beautiful rains. Felt like curling back into bed with some hot chocolate and staying in all day.