Bipasha takes a break before Priyadarshan’s movie


MUMBAI: Bipasha Basu is taking a well deserved break. The actress who has been shooting round the clock has decided to give shooting a skip and is chilling at home. But get her talking about her movies and she is quick to talk about her latest with Priyadarshan. And the first thing the actress comments upon is, "I have heard so much about the way the South film industry functions, but this is my first with a Tamil director and the experience is fabulous."

Basu has been cast in a political thriller in Priyadarshan’s latest which has Akshaye Khanna, Ajay Devgan and Paresh Rawal. Basu declared, "This is what I love about my life. After so many years of hard work, I can choose my films. And it is very important for me to keep taking these small holidays. What do you think, that I shoot round the year… No ways."

The actress who has been doing up her house for the past one year is still putting the final touches to her place. She said, "I think my home needs my attention. There has been no respite. After all the repair work was done, there was a water leakage. And now when that has been fixed, it is my air conditioning. I hope after this I never have to call any technician."

Career front, Basu is still basking in the success of her last release, All The Best. There has been a round of celebratory parties and Bips has enjoyed every moment of it. Guess Basu believes in "All hard work and no play…"