Spider-Man 3 breathes life into box office


    MUMBAI: This Friday, Percept Pictures in association with Adlabs released Spider-Man 3 in English, Hindi, South Indian and Bhojpuri languages. The film opened to a tremendous response in India. The holiday period has proven to be a boon to the film and it has succeeded in upsetting the cartels of Ta Ra Rum Pum, which entered its second week. Excluding the Southern circuit, the film was released with around 360 to 400 prints in India. In Bombay circuit alone, the film opened with more than 135 prints.

    The English version of the film opened to 60 – 70 per cent opening in Bombay and other circuits; while the Hindi version had more patronage by garnering between 80 to 90 per cent in Bombay and other Northern belts.

    The main cinema hall for the English version, Regal (Colaba, Bombay) which seats 1,178 persons per show collected Rs 1,22,495 in its regular three shows against the capacity of Rs 1,97,437.65 (62.04 [er cent); while Maratha Mandir (Grant Road, Bombay) which seats 1,107 persons per show opened as the main cinema hall for the Hindi version. It registered Rs. 99,545 in its first three shows against the capacity of Rs. 1,01, 757.30 (97.82 per cent).

    Hence, Spider-Man 3 has successfully spun its web on the viewers comprising children, parents and adolescents in India. Percept, who had struck the deal for a higher price, have proved their detractors wrong and are laughing their way to the bank. Apart from Bombay and the other circuits, special mention should be made that in places like Punjab it is expected to do a whopping business of around Rs 2 crores. Even West Bengal is seeing bountiful returns. In these areas, Ta Ra Rum Pum proved to be a cold turkey.< Page Break >

    Yatra will be construed differently by various viewers. The only blessing in disguise was the performance of veteran actors like Rekha, Nana Patekar and Dipti Naval. In the Bombay circuit, the Rajshri’s released the film at 15 cinemas; 12 in Bombay city and suburbs and the rest three in parts of Maharashtra. The film opened to around 16 odd per cent collection in Bombay and other circuits.

    Ta Ra Rum Pum managed to put a fair show in major metro cities.

    The first week collections: Bombay Rs 3,58,81,617 from 46 cinemas (70%). Thane Rs 78,40,991 from 15 cinemas (8 cinema collections undisclosed) (70%). Ahmedabad Rs. 85 lakhs from 14 cinemas (67%). Delhi Rs. 1.91 crores from 22 cinemas (62%). Kanpur Rs. 6,87,000 from 2 cinemas (69%). Lucknow Rs. 20 lakhs from 5 cinemas (68%). Allahabad Rs. 1,51,332 from 1 cinema (62%). Indore Rs. 21,51,161 from 4 cinemas, 2 cinemas were on fixed hire. Ajmer Rs. 4,49,742 from 1 cinema (69%). Bikaner Rs. 2,38,785 from 1 cinema (69%). Kolkata Rs. 52,43,121 from 6 cinemas (68%). Hyderabad Rs. 60,30,793 from 15 cinemas (69%).

    Dahek ran for one week in Bombay at three cinemas. < Page Break >

    The second week collections of Kya Love Story Hai: Entered the third week in Bombay at one cinema (Movie Star – daily 2 shows). Ahmedabad Rs. 65,099 from four cinemas (17%). Jamnagar Rs. 20,400 from one cinema (12%). Delhi Rs. 1,62,841 from seven cinemas (11%). Kanpur Rs. 1,45,583 from two cinemas (20%). Lucknow Rs. 1,12,372 from three cinemas (19%). Allahabad Rs. 27,071 from one cinema (9%). Jaipur Rs. 59,459 from one cinema (23%).

    The third week collections of Beja Fry: Bombay Rs. 44,73,884 from 29 cinemas (63%). Thane Rs. 6,00,843 from 7 cinemas (62%). Ahmedabad Rs. 7,27,704 from 6 cinemas (59%). Delhi Rs. 24,60,578 from 14 cinemas (69%). Kanpur Rs. 68,940 from 2 cinemas (57%). Lucknow Rs. 1,59,410 from 2 cinemas (64%). Indore Rs. 2,65,663 from 4 multiplex cinemas. Jaipur Rs. 1,54,000 from 1 cinema (52%). Kolkata Rs. 14,72,852 from 5 cinemas (69%).

    The third week collections of Big Brother: Entered fourth combined week in Bombay at 3 cinemas. Ahmedabad Rs. 36,921 from 2 cinemas. Kanpur Rs. 68,910 from 2 cinemas (30%). Lucknow Rs. 89,176 from 1 cinema (38%). Allahabad Rs. 20,099 from 1 cinema (16%). Jaipur Rs. 1,05,897 from 1 cinema (28%). < Page Break >

    Provoked (English) ran for four weeks in Bombay at 6 cinemas. Delhi Rs. 1,43,803 from 3 cinemas.

    Shakalaka Boom Boom entered the fifth combined week in Bombay at Alankar (in matinees) and Mahesh (Neral).

    Namastey London’s sixth week collections: Entered the seventh week in Bombay at six cinemas. Ahmedabad Rs. 4,20,911 from 7 cinemas (38%). Jamnagar Rs. 97,351 from 1 cinema (29%). Delhi Rs. 8,39,993 from 13 cinemas (54%). Kanpur Rs. 1,27,720 from 1 cinema (42%). Indore Rs. 1,43,465 from 2 multiplexes, 2 other multiplex collection not received. Hyderabad Rs. 3,66,660 from 1 cinema (48%).

    The Namesake (English) entered the seventh week in Bombay at six cinemas. 6th week collections: Delhi Rs. 1,53,353 from three cinemas.

    Eklavya – The Royal Guard entered the 12th combined week in Bombay at Imperial (matinees).

    Dhoom: 2 entered the 23rd combined week in Bombay at Dreamland (in matinees). 23 rd week Delhi Rs. 19,600 from two cinemas.

    Vivah’s 25th combined week collections: Bombay Rs. 5,37,177 from 6 cinemas. Thane Rs. 78,871 from 4 cinemas. 22nd week Jamnagar Rs. 5,718 from one cinema.

    Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge entered the 603rd week in Bombay at Maratha Mandir (in matinees).

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