Bittoo Boss gets India’s first ever PG rating from censors

Bittoo Boss
MUMBAI: After a long-drawn battle with the censorboard producer Kumar Mangat’s Bittoo Boss has managed to get a ‘PG’ rating for the film, but with cuts.

The PG (parental guidance) rating is a new step in censorship in Indian cinema.

Says a source, “Parental Guidance (PG) can only be recommended in India since we don’t have a PG rating in India. So for the first time an announcement on behalf of the censorboard would be carried on the hoardings  saying for  Bittoo Boss that it is recommended that children under 15 be accompanied by a parent.”

Interestingly the censorboard has also instructed the producers  of Bittoo Boss about what the size of the letters to be used announcing the ‘PG’censor rating.

Says a  source, “The censorboard has recommended a Size 24 font on the hoardings. In the past such recommendations by the censorboard have been tucked in some indecipherable corner of the hoardings. From now on whenever a special recommendation from the censorboard needs to be highlighted on the hoardings the font size would be a pre-condition.”

Before granting the ‘PG’ certificate the censorboard board has also asked that some dialogues be deleted.

Says a source, “There is a dialogue where a man shouts. ‘Meri biwi ka achche se lena’. And there is a reference to a man as ‘tharkee’ (horny) which has been censored.That apart the censorboard liked the film’s theme.”

Apparently the film has a sequence where an under-age girl is brought to a hotel room for sex by her boyfriend. Instead of shooting them secretly with his video camera as he planned, the hero rescues the girl.

Says the producer Kumar Mangat, “We’re very happy with the new profile of the censorboard. And the new members who have come in. It’s very essential to bring changes in the censor panel. And I feel including a  cinema person(film critic Rajeev Masand) in the advisory committee is very wise. For Bittoo Boss I was pleased to make the changes that the censor board recommended and accept the ‘PG’ certification instead of the ‘Adults Only’ certification. I wanted the film to be accessible to youngsters since the film has a very important message for the youth. I am glad the censor board agreed with me.”