Blue Frog club launches three new music production wings

Mumbai: Blue Frog night club, which launched in Mumbai in December 2007, has three new wings–an integrated music production company Blue Frog Production; four state-of-the-art music recording studios Blue Frog Soundlabs; and an independent record label Blue Frog Records.

The three new music businesses will in turn leverage each other in the sense that a label-signed artist can play at the club, record their album at the studios and do commercial work with the production house, thus diversifying revenue streams and increasing their exposure in the industry while still keeping things in the family.

Blue Frog Production offers intelligent sound consultancy, integrated music production services and custom-designed audio experiences. Its resources include a seasoned team of composers, producers, strategic brand consultants and client servicing executives who ensure the development of a robust product blueprint; which the Soundlabs in turn bring to life.

"What we’re really selling at Blue Frog Production is a better quality of life: we’re aiming at making the whole process of ‘making music’ painless, pleasurable and professional. We are promising everyone more time to do all the other things in life that add to the rich experiences that let good people achieve excellence," says Blue Frog partner Srila Chatterjee.

Beyond the traditional music production areas of television, advertising films and radio jingles, Blue Frog Production is foraying into fields like retail soundscaping (including customized in-store radio channels and caller hold tunes), computer game audio design and a fully interactive digital audio library that offers high quality music in bulk through a simple subscription buying mechanism.

Blue Frog Soundlabs is housed next to the Blue Frog Club and will bring together top-of-the-line technology and client comfort in one space.

Four state-of-the-art Studios: Labs A & B being the larger ones, fitted with SSL AWS900 consoles, a stereo setup of Dynaudio M3 monitoring and a 5.1 setup using Dynaudio Air 15s.

Labs C and D being the smaller ones, with custom Manley consoles and a stereo setup of custom Dynaudio C3 monitors. The recording areas have variable acoustic treatment to allow each room’s reverberation time to be changed for different setups.

Blue Frog Records will focus on less-represented styles including jazz, blues, funk, world fusion, experimental pop and edgy rock.

Says Blue Frog Records head Emmanuelle de Decker, "Since ours is not a mass-market product, we are being very selective about the artists we sign to our label. Our focus is on giving the artist the creative freedom they want. This is a label created by artists for artists, so much so that two of Blue Frog’s founding partners have already signed with the label as musicians in their own right. In the coming year we plan to launch 8 artists, most of whom are from India, and a couple from abroad – including musician John McLaughlin, of ‘Shakti’ fame, who we have recently signed to the Blue Frog Records label."