Bollywood companies to use MediaSentinel against piracy

Mumbai: Four production and distribution companies in Bollywood will begin using USA Video Interactive Corp.’s unique digital watermarking product MediaSentinel to thwart piracy domestically and internationally.

The companies will begin using MediaSentinel through digital integrated media platform company PIO TV (

PIO TV chairman and CEO Munish Gupta announced that in continuation of PIO TV’s use of MediaSentinel, his company was now working with leading production and distribution studios in Mumbai–Prachar Communications, Time Multimedia, Baba Films and Gold Entertainment. Together these four companies, two of which are public companies, control thousands of feature films that they produce, acquire the rights of, and distribute, including hundreds of hours of television content.

Speaking on behalf of all the four companies, Prachar Communications managing director Ratan Jain said a solution like MediaSentinel "was long awaited".

He mentioned that India and the overseas market for Bollywood are fraught with piracy that causes billions of dollars in loss of revenues. With this, companies that have always wondered how to combat the piracy menace will be able to bring in more revenues to produce and distribute more and better films.

Jain said he and his associates were convinced the MediaSentinel, digital watermarking product from USVO for offline use, and MediaEscort, now deployed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment in Hollywood, for online use, represent "a turning point for the protection of our copyright content."

"For four years we’ve been hard at work establishing ourselves as a player in anti-piracy technology to the film industry," stated USVO CEO Edwin Molina. "We’re building momentum as this month we announced a deal with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. And now through our relationship with PIO TV, we’re beginning to establish ourselves in Bollywood too, starting with these four production houses."

The four Bollywood production and distribution houses will begin using the PIO TV deployed MediaSentinel workstation currently installed at Prachar Communications’ office in Mumbai.

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