Bollywood is full of politics: Sameera Reddy


Sameera Reddy

MUMBAI: Sameera Reddy cameback to Bollywood with Priyadarshan’s ‘Tezz’, however now, feels she was better off doing South films.

"When you are a queen in your own country, why would you want to go anywhere else?" said the actress to the media.

In Priyadarshan’s ‘Tezz’, Sameera plays the antagonist who is chased by cop Anil Kapoor.

"I have done the most difficult scene any girl has ever done on screen. It is a very important bike scene. I had to go through intensive training before pulling it off because we couldn’t cheat the audience by using a body double here," she explained.

"In one scene, I’m being chased by cops and have to jump into a river. I remember the temperature was two degrees and we were freezing like ice cubes. I had to get in the river with two huge bags, go underwater for like 20 seconds, and dive away from there," she added.